COVID19 Policy Update

What should I EXPECT at my child’s visit?
• Curbside check in/out procedures and elimination of waiting room.
• When you arrive for your appointment, please CALL (813) 235-4960 to alert us.
• A gloved staff member will greet you at your vehicle to complete COVID screening questions, temperature checks, health updates, completion of any necessary forms and collection of payment as needed. (Florida heat in our cars can affect temperature checks, so please keep your child at a comfortable temperature prior to arrival)
• We highly encourage parents of children 5 & up to wait in their cars until the end of the appointment to minimize unnecessary spread of aerosols.
• Patients will be asked to wash their hands prior to being taken to treatment area. Additionally, we may have your child perform a pre-treatment antimicrobial oral rinse (non-fluoride).
• Children will still receive their pre-selected “treasure/prize” upon exit in a sealed container.

What can I do BEFORE the visit?
• New insurance? Contact our office (813) 235-4960 or ASAP.
• Complete the COVID Patient Waiver provided in our email
• Update Medical History Form (if >6 months since last visit).

What should I BRING to the visit?
• A face mask is required for all patients over the age of 2 (Pasco County Mandate)
• You may want to have your child bring their OWN headphones for use to watch the movie, as it will still be running on each chair.
• One parent with mask if you plan on accompanying your child into the building.
• Forms: COVID waiver, medical updates, new patient forms, etc

What should I NOT BRING to the visit?
• More than one parent or guardian.
• Do not bring any other individuals who are not scheduled patients to the appointment, i.e. other children or family members.
• Food/drinks

What is the office doing to keep us SAFE?
• Our staff will be wearing full personal protective equipment (PPE)
• Patients will be socially distanced from children other than their family members
• Elimination of toys, games, beverages, magazines, headphones and treasure tower
• As always done so, we use individual use dental materials & hospital grade disinfection
• Sterilization and disinfection process between patients, again as always provided