COVID19 Policy Update

What should I EXPECT at my child’s visit?

• When you arrive for your appointment, you will be asked COVID-19 screening questions.
• We ask only one guardian per family enter to minimize the number of individuals in the office.
• Patients will be asked to wash their hands prior to being taken to treatment area.
• Children will still receive "treasure/prize” upon exit in a sealed container.

What can I do BEFORE the visit?
• New insurance? Contact our office (813) 235-4960 or ASAP.
• Update Medical History Form (if >6 months since last visit).

What should I BRING to the visit?
• Face masks are preferred for all individuals particularly in patient treatment areas.
• You may want to have your child bring their OWN headphones for use to watch the movie, as it will still be running on each chair.
• ONE parent to accompanying your child.

What should I NOT BRING to the visit?
• More than one parent or guardian.
• Do not bring any other individuals who are not scheduled patients to the appointment, i.e. other children or family members.
• Food/drinks

What is the office doing to keep us SAFE?
• Our staff will be wearing full personal protective equipment (PPE)
• As always done so, we use individual use dental materials & hospital grade disinfection
• Sterilization and disinfection process between patients, again as always provided